What makes A2 Cow Ghee so special?

Vashishti A2 Cow Ghee is a pure and natural ghee that is churned out with utmost care and devotion using the traditional Bilona method. Ghee made using the Bilona technique is thought to have a distinctive flavour and scent as well as health advantages. It is also considered a more sustainable and eco-friendly method of making ghee, as it involves manual labor rather than using machines. The resultant ghee is free from any preservatives, color or artificial flavors making it a highly nutritious and healthy product for consumption. It has numerous health benefits such as aiding digestion, improving skin quality and enhancing immunity.

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Our Commitment

Vashishti is a leading provider of pure, natural superfoods. Our products are sourced from the finest farms and packaged with the utmost care to preserve their natural properties and freshness. We are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality products that come straight from farm to fork. Our range of products is carefully curated by experts, using the traditional values of Ayurveda combined with modern scientific advances. With Vashishti, you can be sure of getting the best quality in the purest form.

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