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We believe Vedic Indian wisdom balances nature and alchemy for an enriching life.
Let's go back to these roots by reviving the purified and the nutritive. We have fine-tuned
the art of balancing ancient Indian wisdom of food that nurtures the body and mind.

Across all Vashishti products each step from conception, formulation to manufacturing
and packaging goes through strict quality practices. This ensures you get only the purest
from across the diverse regions of India.

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These products have been some of the best I've used, and I've been on a clean eating spree for a while, so I'd know. It's fresh, and delicious. Definitely going to repurchase.

We started with the ghee, but slowly the Vashishti products have become a part of my family's daily diet. From the delivery to the packaging to the taste, everything is amazing.

I didn't know honey could taste that good! The variety here is beautiful and the products taste amazing. Nothing not to love!

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