Recipe Treasures - Original Konkani Mango Pickle

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Recipe Treasures - Original Konkani Mango Pickle Benefits

icon-1 Good source of Vit C, Vit A and nutrients.
icon-1 Improves gut health and immunity.
icon-1 Made using pure spices and raw mangoes.


Mango pickles resurface memories of our childhood; of orchards, summer holidays and meals which were incomplete without its sour taste. While being a festival of flavour, pickles also have antioxidant properties and help boost your immunity and improve digestion. Vit C, Vit A, potassium, iron and calcium and curcumin (through turmeric) are a few of the essential nutrients that are peppered across its profile thanks to the raw ingredients used in preparation.

We bring you the original Konkani mango pickle prepared in a traditional, authentic manner. Our raw mangoes are sourced fresh from local orchards and processed using the choicest of spices imparting flavour that’s bound to stir fond memories.

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