Bullet Coffee: The Ultimate Energy Booster

  • Mar 28, 2023
  • By Vashishti Superfoods
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Rev up your metabolism and crush your to-do list with this creamy cup of goodness!

Here's the recipe for bullet coffee

  • 1 cup of black coffee
  • 1 tbsp A2 Cow Ghee


  • Make a fresh cup of black coffee
  • Add A2 Cow Ghee
  • Blend for 20-30 seconds, or until the mixture is creamy and frothy.
  • Pour the bullet coffee into a mug and enjoy!

Bullet Coffee is made using Vasishti A2 Cow Ghee

Benefits of Vasishti A2 Cow Ghee

Vashishti A2 Cow Ghee.has a potent mix of proteins, vitamins and minerals and its A2 beta casein protein breaks down easily for better digestion and immunity. It is rich in good fats and antioxidants making it just the right choice for your family’s health.

    Purchase link- https://vashishti.com/products/a2-ghee-from-desi-cow

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