Winter Wellness Elixir: Amla-Ginger Fusion

  • Nov 21, 2023
  • By Vashishti Superfoods
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This age-old recipe isn't just a drink; it's a go-to elixir for the winter season. Immerse yourself in its delightful flavors while reaping the unique benefits each ingredient brings, making it a cherished tradition for both warmth and well-being.


Amla (Indian gooseberry) - 50 grams
Ginger - 1 teaspoon
Water - 300 milliliters
Vashishti Ajwain Honey - 1 tablespoon




Amla (Indian Gooseberry): Immune-boosting Vitamin C, skin-nourishing antioxidants, and digestive support for winter wellness.

Ginger: Warming properties for cold weather, relief from cold symptoms, and aiding in digestion during winter months.

Vashishti Ajwain Honey: Antibacterial properties, throat-soothing sweetness, and a quick energy boost for winter vitality.


1. In a blender, combine 50 grams of amla, 1 teaspoon of ginger, and 300 millilitres of water. Blend until smooth.

2. Strain the puree into a jar and stir in 1 tablespoon of Vashishti Ajwain Honey. Adjust to taste.

3. Pour the prepared Amla Ginger Juice into a serving glass.

4. Sip and enjoy the wholesome goodness, perfectly tailored to keep you well-nourished throughout the winter season.


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