Honey Strawberry Smoothie

  • Jan 24, 2024
  • By Vashishti Superfoods
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Strawberry smoothies are adored not just for their delicious taste but also for striking a balance between indulgence and mindful choices. A top choice for those who relish culinary pleasure while staying aware of their well-being, the enduring popularity of strawberry smoothies makes them a symbol of accessible satisfaction in the world of blended beverages.


🍓 Strawberry
🍓 Vashishti Crunchy Cashews
🍓 Vashishti honey (raw and unprocessed)
🍓 Banana
🍓 Walnuts
🍓 Cinnamon powder
🍓 Water/Milk




👉First you need to rinse and chop 200 grams of fresh strawberries
👉Then chop and add 2 medium bananas.
👉Add a handful of walnuts
👉Add some cinnamon powder
👉Add one tbsp Vashishti honey(raw and unprocessed)
👉Add one cup of Milk or water.
👉Place the lid on the jar and blend until smooth.
👉Garnish using Vashishti honey (raw and unprocessed) and Vashishti Crunchy Cashews

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