The Dairy

All of our dairy products are sourced from freely grazed, humanely raised desi cows. They are taken care of at our local facilities under strict quality adherence.

To us, our cows are not simply resources, they are a part of the Vashishti family. We ensure that they recieve regular veterinarian checks along with a healthy diet and free lifestyle. After all, isn't this how cattle is supposed to be raised in the first place? A mutual relationship of respect and care which is rewarded by the healthiest, purest A2 milk.

To take only what one needs and give back twofold is a philosophy that's very close to our hearts and wholly implemented. Following that, we do not separate calves from their mothers and reserve a good portion of the milk for them to encourage happy, healthy rearing.

Our local facilities employ vigilant and experienced cattle caregivers who practice the highest quality standards on the ground. Free grazing, a healthy lifestyle, regular vet checks and a happy family with the calves essentially creates a favourable environment for the cows. Positivity like such might seem trivial at the surface, but is essential for a good, healthy milk production.

We invest in their happiness as we would in ours, for respect flows both ways in the Vashishti family.

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