Farm Shop

Technology has now granted us multiple ways to procure raw materials, but that's better than going to the source itself?

At Vashishti, every product you see is developed with the purest raw materials procured from local farming sources.

We have partnered with local farmers situated all across the land for their raw produce. From orchards for the honey and cashews, to the cattle barns, it's the source we reach out to, not the middlemen. Doing this we also directly impact the rural economy as well as employment generation in those parts. This is mainly because as a principle we only hire the local skilled community for helping out on our farms and facilities.

Farm fresh produce is more than a jargon, it's a lifestyle change you invest in. We at Vashishti understand the importance of holistic living. Primarily why getting the freshest produce from our farming partners has been the foundation for all our products. Purity at the base ensures purity at the top and we're glad we meet the mark at all the standards.

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