Local Pickups

When you talk of clean farming, what do you envision? Most of us think of fewer pesticides and more conventional farming methods from the past. You won't be wrong to think so.

The problem is, most prevalent farming methods suffer from unhealthy practices that degrade the crop quality. This was an issue we wanted to curtail and therefore we opted to partner with local farmers who practice clean farming and helped them unfurl to their maximum capacity.

All our produce is homegrown using traditional farming methods that utilise nature, not pesticides for a good crop. It is believed that farming inclines you to the ground in more ways than one, and we now understand why. Being associated with the local skilled farming community has opened our eyes to the multiple ways of sustainable farming. One which not only supports the land but the farmer too.

Clean, homegrown produce is the essence that binds our ideals and products together, and we see the results in the excellence of every batch we put out. This is an association that we're proud of.


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  • Are the cashews roasted,salted, or raw?

    krishnakant pittie

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