Our story

Our story is that of a tryst, between nature and us. What started as an idea of getting farm fresh products accessible at the dinnertable has turned into Vashsihti.

Our Isht (इष्ट: want) goes beyond a farm to customer approach. Let us explain:

What we stand for:

Naturally sourced, clean food products. We follow the ideals of ayurvedic modernism for the perfect blend between present knowledge and past experience.

How we do it:

We source all of the raw materials for our products from local farmers. Similarly, our dairy products are sourced from freely and humanely raised desi cows which makes all the difference in the final product.

We are proud of our association with the rural economic sector and our impact on it.

What you get:

From traditionally produced bilona ghee to exotic flavored honey, our products are sure to remind you what real tastes like. We follow the strictest safety protocols during all production stages and each batch goes through mandatory quality checks.

Good health is our primary responsibility towards our own bodies. We aim to support that and a holistic lifestyle for all our consumers for a 360° wellness approach. After all, goodness starts from the inside.

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