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Wild Berry Honey, also known as Sidr/Sider Honey, is one of the finest honey kinds available due to its great therapeutic capabilities. It is collected by bees that mostly feed on Sidr tree blooms. Sidr honey and wild berry honey are the most difficult to find in India. This honey is the best and was imported from Yemen, where it is used to treat a variety of ailments. It contains more nutrients and antioxidants than other honey kinds.


Also because honey comes in many different forms, the composition of each honey varies depending on the source of nectar as well as the benefits that they bring. Sidr Honey was offered to the royalties as a token of admiration and devotion in the ancient world.

Many individuals assume that only sidr grown in Arabian nations is genuine. That is not correct. The tree has spread too many other nations throughout the years, including India. Rajasthan's magnificent desert landscape contains extensive swaths of Sidr or Wild Berry, distant from human population and pollution. The fact that the trees only bloom for about 30 days every year is what makes sidr honey so unique. As a result, timing and technique are critical. Our skilled harvesters constantly make certain that the bees arrive at the proper plants at the right time.

Wild Berry plant flowers blossom from August to September


All kinds of honey have medicinal properties and are beneficial to health, but Sidr Honey contains more minerals, vitamins, and other elements than other types of honey, making it even more remarkable. It is an effective treatment for a variety of diseases.

1: Immune booster Wild Berry-Sidr honey has a high therapeutic potential and boosts the body's natural immunity.

2: Health advantages Improves immunity and aids in the treatment of colds and coughs, digestive difficulties, and seasonal allergies.

3: Improves digestive and respiratory health.

Beneficial for menstruation health and postpartum recovery.

4: It gives the body a jolt of energy while also relaxing the nerves.

5: Aids in the removal of toxins from the body and the improvement of skin health.


The Sidr tree, also known as the Great Tree of Heaven, has a legendary heritage. It is thought to have started in the Arabic realm, but it has since spread around the world. The Sidr tree, also known as the Jujube, Nabkh, or wild berries tree, flowers seasonally and its honey is prized for its quality and rarity. We collaborate with Sidr orchards' bee farmers to obtain the freshest fruit without the use of middlemen. Furthermore, it is produced in only a few sites in India and overseas, making Sidr Honey extremely difficult to find.


There are numerous applications for Sidr Honey or wild berry honey that are healthy to the human body. Here we are going over some of the applications of Sidr Honey! We'll tell you how and when you can utilise this Wild Berry honey.

1: This might improve the lustre and health of your hair. Wild berries fight free radicals, which improves the appearance of your hair and skin. Wild berries contain two major antioxidants that help your body cleanse. They also moisturise, revitalise, and encourage healthy hair growth- You can also use this in your hair pack.

2: Wild Berry Honey is a natural humectant, therefore you can apply it on your skin as well. This means that honey can pull moisture from the air and seal it into the skin. As a result of this activity, your skin receives long-lasting moisture, making it soft and supple. To summarise, unprocessed honey promotes healthy, clear skin with a radiant complexion.

3: It is a sure-fire cure for a variety of diseases. It heals digestive issues such as constipation and stomach ulcers as well as strengthening the immune system and improving vitality. It helps to maintain your gut ecology while addressing a variety of liver issues. Switching to this as your primary beverage will undoubtedly benefit you.

  • Directions for Use:
  • Honey should be kept at room temperature.
  • Honey should not be kept refrigerated.
  • Honey crystallisation is normal over time - Warm water should be used to liquefy the honey container.

(Vashishti) We have a choice of Honey that is pure and natural, with no adulteration.

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