How is Vashishti A2 bilona ghee made?

  • Jan 28, 2021
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The preparation of Vashishti’s A2 bilona ghee is nothing short of art. Anintricate process which does justice to the final product that has been a part of the Indian household since time immemorial. The earliest known mention of ghee goes back to 1500 BC when cattle was first domesticated. It’s shelf life along with its nutrition profile has propelled it so many years forward with no change in its popularity.

While ghee can be made using all kinds of milk, the A2 milk runs superior. We source ours from humanely raised and freely grazed desi cows. The importance of maintaining a balance during this process is not lost on us, and we only take a fraction of the milk while reserving the rest for the calves. A2 milk consists of only A2 beta casein which makes it easier to digest and provides substantially more health benefits.

While the first step is procuring pure raw milk, the second is boiling and cooling it at an optimal temperature to make it fit for consumption. We do this using our state-of-the-art machinery to ensure minimal human interaction. Post cooling the milk is then moved to earthenware pots where a dollop of yoghurt is added to it and it is left to rest for curdling.

Once the milk curdles, we come to the bilona process. You might have viewed it as a part of traditional butter or buttermilk making procedure in pictures or in person. Ours is the very same.

We use a wooden churner in the same earthenware pots till the curd separates into butter (loni) and buttermilk. The loni is separated from the vessel and heated on a medium flame till its water component evaporates and the milk solids separate from the ghee.

The pure A2 ghee is skimmed from the top and strained into jars for packaging, thus completing the cycle. What’s interesting to note is the ratio of milk to ghee in such a procedure is roughly 30:1, thus making it all the more precious.

The Vashishti A2 bilona ghee goes through stringent quality checks and each production step is monitored closely by our team. From sourcing the milk to packaging, we ensure the highest safety standards for our consumers and we believe the end result speaks for itself. Ayurvedic modernism at its best, this ghee is a superfood you can not miss.

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A wonderful and genuine product. Very tasty and authentic aroma. the quality has been consistent. It tastes delicious and there is no change in texture colour etc. Full value for money. Thank you Vashishti.

By Dhananjay Mehta

Nov 10, 2021

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