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Ghee is highly valued in Indian households, and it has been a major element in Indian cooking for millennia. Children are advised to consume it for strength and growth, pregnant women to consume it for embryonic health, seniors to consume it for bone health and immunity boosting - all members of the Indian family eat ghee as it is good for bone density, helps in the body's growth and development, and does not decrease the good cholesterol level. A2 Ghee items in the daily diet, using A2 Ghee for skin healing, stronger hair, child growth, during pregnancy, and so on.

A2 cow milk ghee is the purest of what you have seen or experienced as pure ghee. A human body need a proper balance of nutrients such as vitamins, proteins, and excellent fat to stay healthy and fit. However, because to the increased demand for pure A2 cow ghee, a number of companies have begun to sell contaminated ghee prepared from low grade homogenized milk (rather than pure A2 milk) and blended with animal fat or other similar contaminants to save money and time.


Ghee is prepared from A2 milk from desi and indigenous Gir cows. The desi breed of cow is derived from ancient India. 1 litre of hand-churned ghee requires 30 litres of Gir Cow A2 milk. The traditional procedure known as the Bilona The process of manufacturing hand-churned ghee is fairly complex. To manufacture pure ghee with the Bilona technique, the cow's milk is first heated and cooled. Later, a tablespoon of curd is put into the milk and left overnight. The curd is then churned in order to extract the butter. The removed butter is cooked until the water content evaporates, leaving only the fat component, which is pure ghee. This low-heat technique results in more vitamins.


A2 Desi Cow Ghee, as have said, is manufactured solely from A2 cow milk. There are no extra ingredients, additions, or chemicals in this ghee.

Ghee is a staple nourishment for everyone, from youngsters to pregnant women, and it is high in goodness in every way. A2 Ghee, as previously stated, is manufactured exclusively from A2 milk and has no extra additives, preservatives, or chemicals. It is well-known for being high in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. Consumption of A2 ghee with food on a daily basis aids digestion, promotes nutritional absorption, and reduces constipation. Improves metabolism and avoids the accumulation of harmful cholesterol. Ghee is the immune system's closest friend due to its cleansing properties.

Regular ghee may include hazardous chemicals and artificial colourings. Furthermore, normal ghee doesn't have as many nutrients as A2 cow ghee. It can even harm your health by raising cholesterol and fat levels. A2 ghee is clearly superior to normal ghee. Additionally, it's a thicker consistency and produces more ghee. Ghee made of A2 milk is more flavourful, healthier, and easier to digest. A2 cow ghee encompasses a gritty texture and is ready by slowly heating butter over an occasional flame for an extended period of your time.

Vashishti A2 Milk Ghee

Vashishti A2 Milk ghee is a super food in every way imaginable. A2 milk is essentially pure milk derived organically from desi cows. It has a rich combination of proteins, vitamins, and minerals, and its A2 beta casein protein quickly breaks down for improved digestion and immunity.

The local partners who work in the Vashishti facilities treat the cattle/cows in a humane and loving manner. The milk is then painstakingly churned using traditional methods, with no additional hormones or harmful additives (Bilona). Our cutting-edge production facilities assure total sanitation, resulting in pure cow milk ghee that rivals that manufactured at home in terms of freshness and nutrition content. It is high in healthy fats and antioxidants, making it an excellent choice for your family's health.


  • Rich source of Vitamin A, D and B12, E and K among other micronutrients.
  • Easy to digest
  • Better for frying as it has a higher smoke/melting point.
  • Delicious flavour and aroma.

Health Tip: Adding 1 tablespoon of A2 Ghee in your daily diet provides numerous benefits to your body and mind.

Buy our A2 ghee from the site: https://vashishti.com/products/a2-ghee-from-desi-cow

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